The mission of the College of Court Reporting is to provide state-of-the-art instructional systems technologies and quality teaching techniques to educate students in the fields of realtime captioning and court reporting in an online environment. The College of Court Reporting is committed to providing a quality education to students that meet or exceed the standards of the national associations that represent and support court reporters, realtime writers, and related professions.

To fulfill this mission…
The college believes in directing its efforts toward creating an educational environment providing the learning experiences necessary to enter the workplace. Courses of study are reviewed, revised, and added when needed. Students are given hands-on experience in realtime computer-aided transcription and computer applications for the court reporter, captioner, and communication access realtime translation (CART) provider.

The entire staff recognizes the responsibility of encouraging each student to succeed academically and to grow professionally to meet the challenging and changing needs of realtime technology, court reporting, and realtime reporting for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

The college strives to improve its programs with the latest information technologies such as computerized realtime transcription for broadcast captioning and CART reporting and online distance education classes in court reporting.


The objective of the college is to provide its students with educational opportunities in all fields relating to court reporting and realtime technology. The College of Court Reporting accomplishes this objective in the following manner:eporting and realtime technology or entry-level positions as an administrative assistant. The College of Court Reporting accomplishes this objective in the following manner: