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The College of Court Reporting uses the Moody Method theory. If you already know a different theory and are considering transferring to CCR, you do not need to learn the Moody Method.  Our academic courses and skill development courses are not specific to any one theory. 

Our method, The Moody Method, is a simple and logical theory, written by educators, that incorporates speedbuilding during the first couple weeks of a students' first semester. When The Moody Method was developed, the educators only had the students' best interests in mind. They made the rules of writing easy to understand – rules that don't require hours of analyzing and memorizing!

Instructor, Katie Vettickal, CRI "By the end of Theory 1, students learn how to write every English word with a strong foundation of the basic theory. During their second semester, conflict resolution is introduced. Since students do not have to resolve conflicts in Theory 1 and are able to focus only on learning the basic theory; therefore, it is easy for them to make minor changes to groups of words with conflicts. Since CCR has taught The Moody Method, students enter their first semester of speedbuilding writing on an average of 80 words per minute. This is 20-40 words per minute faster than they were writing with the Phoenix theory CCR taught before developing the Moody Method."

Instructor, Alice Skoro, CRI "The Moody Method Theory provides students with an incredible tool. Presented in a systematic fashion, each lesson incorporates review, drills, proper names, briefs, and speedbuilding along with the introduction of new concepts. After 15 weeks, our students know how to write any English word. Conflict resolution and beginning speedbuilding can then begin with their second semester. Students are not burdened by intense analysis of each word. Instead, they can learn to write with minimal hesitation to facilitate speedbuilding. Successful students equal successful reporters!"

Instructor, Jami Naughgle, CRI "The Moody Method Theory was developed by experienced educators who are true pioneers in court reporting education. The theory concepts are logical, and the textbooks are set up for ease in learning and retaining the material. The Moody Method Theory also incorporates the latest technology that uses artificial intelligence. After just the first semester, the students leave theory knowing how to write literary, jury charge, and two-voice testimony. The students have a strong writing vocabulary and a solid foundation for building speed."

Click on the following link to learn more: The Moody Method.

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