Anderson K

When did you graduate?

I passed my last speed test on May12, 2016. My last day of court reporting school ever was May 27,2016. I will walk the stage August 3, 2016.


What lead you to pursue court reporting as a career?

This actually wasn't my first choice. I actually had another career path planned. My father suggested I go for another career first. This way if I got tired of going to school I would already have a career.  Also, he told me working as a court reporter would be able to help me pay for the schooling required for the other career. After about a year of being in the court reporting program, I began falling in love with court reporting and decided it would be my only career. From that day forward, I gave my all to court reporting.


What made you choose CCR?

There was a period of time where I couldn't pass a test. This lasted for about two years. I needed more hands-on help. A friend told me about CCR. I researched them and asked others about this school. Everyone had nothing but great things to say about this school. After thinking long and hard, I was able to see they would be able to help me progress and provide me with the hands-on help I needed.


Do you have any certifications? If not, do you plan on getting any?

Not yet. I have the WKT of the RPR and the WKT of my state's CSR. I am working towards getting my CSR and my RPR. I hope to get one or both of those by the end of this year. In the next three years, I hope to get my RMR. In the future, I hope to get the CRR and the RDR.


Are you currently working? If not, what are your future plans?

I currently work in the office of Jensen Litigation. It is a freelance court reporting agency in Chicago. When I get certified, I plan on working for them. I hope to eventually become an official reporter.


What were your strengths in school?

My strength was always being able to read my slop! I was never a clean writer. I could never write exactly according to my theory, but I could definitely tell you everything I had in my notes.


What were your weaknesses in school?

My weaknesses were definitely little words and endings!!!


If you could give any advice to a struggling student, what would that be?

Keep pushing. Pushing through every challenge and every roadblock you face. Use every not passing test to motivate you. Stay positive. You will have a lot more lows and than highs at times. Don't let that kill your passion and drive. Transcribe every test! Learn from your mistakes or they will come back to haunt you. Remember progress is progress. Reach out to others. You never the impact your example could have on someone else or they could have on you. Ask for help if you need it. Talk to other students or teachers for encouragement. Lastly, DO NOT GIVE UP! You never, never know how close you are to the next speed, next test, or to the finish line. And if you give up, you never will know.