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Certification Mandatory? Yes
How to Become Certified Pass written exam. Must pass NCRA or NVRA exam before applying for Georgia's certification
Exam Description 180 Lit, 200 Jury Charge, 225 Q&A at 95%


State Association

State of Georgia Board of Court Reporting State Certification
Georgia Certified Court Reporters Association GCCRA
GCCRA Membership Membership Information
GCCRA Fall Seminar October
Georgia Shorthand Reporters Association GSRA
GSRA Membership Membership Information
GSRA Fall Seminar October

College News

  • Heidi Masters

    CCR Alumni Spotlight: Heidi Masters

      CCR Alumni Spotlight: Heidi Masters   Place you hang your hat? Erie, Pennsylvania Arguably one of the best days of your life (aka graduation date!)? January 29, 2016 Lucky employer? Ferguson & Holdnack Reporting, Inc. Titl ...

    by Mindi Billings
    Tuesday, 29 August 2017
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