Imagine an online learning environment that allows aspiring court reporters and realtime writers to access hundreds of hours of studio quality dictation material at varied speeds with instantaneous evaluation of practice sessions and speed-building evaluations.  Imagine a learning management system developed with students and faculty in mind; a system that delivers all the tools students need to develop their skills; a system that provides comprehensive assessment of speed and skill development while allowing faculty more interactive one-on-one time with students.

You have just imagined something real: ev360 Academic is offered exclusively through the College of Court Reporting. CCR is a court reporting school that offers its students, at no additional charge, the best skill development tools to assist them in developing their skills in an onsite or online court reporting program; and the new proprietary ev360 technologies, completely integrated into a custom learning management system (LMS).  This is the place where imagination becomes reality by providing students ready access and interaction with experienced faculty while using the latest online learning tools.

With more than 28 years of experience in educating court reporters, stenographers, broadcast captioners, and communication access realtime translation (CART) reporters, their online court reporting school lets you choose the perfect blend of online and onsite learning.


ev360 Academic - Developed exclusively for students, ev360 fully integrates proprietary learning technologies with faculty interaction, coaching, and performance evaluation. Real people, real evaluation, and real learning.

  • ev360 Infinity was developed to enrich the participants’ experience while integrating ev360's "A Whole New Approach" and "Success As you Progress" philosophies. In addition to the 9,000 individual audio and text library items of speedbuilding material built into ev360 Infinity, the application also offers you the ability to mark, to dictate, and to practice at any speed up to 360 words per minute (both text and audio practice); and make it available for personal use or to share your creations with any ev360 Infinity user.
  • ev360 Time Management is another first of its kind for court reporting students struggling to manage all of life's responsibilities and trying to manage their time for skill development practice; a time management planner that integrates all of the necessary components of a well-balanced academic and skill-development plan.
  • ev360 Skill Development is a unique way of practicing skill development.  From variable text practice to variable audio practice to self-evaluation, custom class creation is at your finger tips.
  • ev360 SAP Evaluations is a unique approach to delivering, attempting, and submitting evaluations (tests) that count towards each student's individual academic progress.  Intuitive technology administers evaluations based on individual student's qualifications, prerequisites, skill ability, current endurance, and transcription accuracy.
  • ev360 Communicate is a truly interactive delivery method of submitting ev360 SAP evaluations.  When a student submits a transcribed evaluation, they receive instant preliminary results, including total errors and percentage of accuracy.  No more waiting for evaluation results.  Every evaluation receives thorough interactive faculty coaching, evaluation, and feedback.  When an evaluation is above a minimum percentage of accuracy, it is put through a two-step faculty review process for final grading and punctuation.  Once the evaluation is ready, the student receives the final results with additional interactive faculty coaching, evaluation, and feedback on the student's performance.


Custom Learning Management System (LMS) - Developed from the ground up. A complete learning management system developed based on the educational philosophy for court reporting skill development in an online or onsite learning environment. They teach the way you learn.

  • Today's students are on the leading edge of communication technology. They want and expect immediate, effective, and interactive communication tools that quickly engage and inform. Likewise, educators want to use the most efficient means possible to improve efficiencies, learning convenience, and information sharing. We're passionate about new technology and how it can enhance the delivery of court reporting education in a blended online and onsite environment.
  • We are committed to helping students succeed with their performance, skill development, and learning goals. We are committed to assisting our faculty interact, coach, and provide feedback to their students. Through ev360's proprietary technologies, Blackboard Collaborate, formerly Elluminate Live!, and LMS integration, students and faculty have been been empowered to more efficiently meet their educational goals.
  • Moodle is an open source platform and the world’s most used learning management system (LMS). This custom LMS is an interactive distance learning, on-demand video, and other web-based learning options delivery system. It is a complete learning management solution that allows CCR to deliver cost effective, convenient 24-hour access to its educational training and learning resources for students, instructors, and administrators.


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